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Company Profile


     China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group CO.LTD
    Board of Directors
    Board of Supervisors
    Office of Board of Supervisors
    Party-Masses Management Departments
    Administrative Departments
    Production Branches
    Marketing Branches & Offices
    Overseas Marketing Branches & Offices
    Subsidiary Company

    Party-Masses Management Departments
    Party Committee Office of CREEC
    Organization Department of Party Committee (Party Affairs Committee)
    Publicity Department of Party Committee (Corporation Culture Department) (Party School)
    Discipline Inspection Commission (Department of Supervision)
    Labor Union
    Youth League Committee
    Cadre Department (Human Resource Department)(Social Insurance Management Center)

    Administrative Departments
    Administrative Office of CREEC
    ---Comprehensive Management Office
    ---Peoples Armed Forces Section
    Corporation Development and Planning Department
    Human Resource Department (Cadre Department)(Social Insurance Management Center)
    Finance Department
    Planning and Operation Department
    Overseas Business Management Department
    Projects Management Department
    Technology Center
    Investment & Financing Department
    Industry Department
    Supervision & Management Department on Safe Production
    Legal Affairs Department
    Audit Department
    Information Technology Center
    Department of Supervision (Discipline Inspection Commission)
    Archives House
    Management Center for Retirees

    Production Branches
    Survey and Mapping Institute
    Transportation and Urban Planning Institute
    Engineering Economy Institute
    The First Civil Engineering Design and Research Institute
    The Second Civil Engineering Design and Research Institute
    The Third Civil Engineering Design and Research Institute
    Architectural Engineering Design and Research Institute
    Environment Engineering Research Institute
    Telecommunication & Signal Design and Research Institute
    Mechanical/Electric Power Design and Research Institute
    Electrification Design and Research Institute
    Metro Design and Research Institute
    Communication Design and Research Institute
    Nanning Institute
    Jinan Institute
    Vehicle Management Center (Auxiliary Production)
    Zhuoyue International Education and Training Center
    Science and Technology Research Institute

    Marketing Branches & Offices
    Beijing Branch
    Shanghai Branch
    Xinjiang Branch
    Shenzhen Branch
    Guangzhou Branch
    Fuzhou Branch
    Hainan Branch
    Xiamen Branch
    Nanjing Branch
    Zhuhai Branch
    Nanchang Branch
    Zhenzhou Branch
    Lasa Branch
    Shenyang Branch
    Changzhou Branch
    Changsha Office
    Hefei Office

    Overseas Marketing Branches & Offices
    India Branch
    Vietnam Office
    Venezuela Branch
    Nigeria Branch
    Algeria Branch
    Hong Kong Branch
    Laos Branch

    Subsidiary Company
    CREEC (Chengdu) Survey, Design and Research Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Xi’an) Survey, Design and Research Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Wuhan) Survey, Design and Research Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Kunming) Survey, Design and Research Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Chongqing) Survey, Design and Research Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Guiyang)Survey, Design and Research Co. Ltd
    CREEC (East China) Survey and Design Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Chengdu) Geological Exploration and Geotechnical Engineering Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Chengdu) Consulting and Supervision Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Chengdu) Municipal Engineering Technology Consulting Co. Ltd.
    CREEC (Chengdu) Construction and development Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Chengdu) Real Estate Development Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Chengdu) Graphics and Printing Co. Ltd
    Sichuan Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co. Ltd of CREEC
    Sichuan Crungoo Information Engineering Co., Ltd.
    (Sichuan)Subway Equipment New Technology Co., Ltd.
    CREEC(Guangdong)Harbor Survey and Design Co. Ltd
    CREEC (Northwest) Survey and Design Co. Ltd
    Chengdu CREEC Gaoge Engineering Survey & Design Co. Ltd.
    CREEC Pengshui Yudong Mining Development Co., Ltd. of
    Chengdu Huafeng Applied Geology Development Co., Ltd.
    Chengdu Alga Engineering New Technology Development Co., Ltd.
    Zhongtie Trimble Digital Engineering and Construction Limited Company
    China Railway Chenfeng Corp. limited(chengdu)