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    CREEC Culture



    A Scientific and Technical Enterprise:   A Leading Team:
    Keeping pace with the times   Far-sightedness
    Forgeing ahead with innovation   High-altitude
    Energizeing leapfrog development   Operation victory
    Aiming to be outstanding   Modest and open-mindedness
    A Group of Technical Elite:    A Magnificent Journey:
    Conquering adversity   Breaking the routine
    Developing creativity   Being brave and wise
    Aspiring to success   Creating miracle
    Daring to be pioneer   Winning the trophy

    A Creation Story:

      A Motivational Song:
    Climbing over mountains   Fighting constantly for progress
    Holding far-reaching ambitious   Marching forward for triumph
    Fighting with strong capacity   Sticking to the faith of success
    Combating without rest   Making ever efforts for prosperity
    A Heroic Legend:
    Being distressed and lofty   Credibility first
    Being indomitable   Broad-mindedness
    With selfness and fearless attitude   Unity and cooperation
    With countless and significant contributions   Shoulder to shoulder
    Strong Faith:   Development Prospect:
    Persisting constantly   Looking forward to the future
    Rejuvenating the nation   Competing with unstoppable momentum
    Devoting to the country   Ranking top in domestic market
    Serving the society   Setting sights on world level


    CREEC Vision Identity (VI)

    CREEC Landmark Buildings:

    Exterior photos of CREEC Headquarter Building, Jiaozi Building, Chengkun Building, Russian Building, Nankun Building and Jiaozi Monument, etc., and images of Multi-function Meeting Room and VIP Room (with interior and exterior photos); exhibit CREEC’s history origin and scale, giving audiences an audio-visual impress.