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    Business Qualification

    CREEC holds 24 qualification certificates of engineering consulting, engineering survey, engineering design, and engineering supervision in the fields of railway, road, architecture, municipal utilities, radio and television communication, environment protection, etc..

    Among domestic railway survey & design enterprises, CREEC is the only one that has obtained "Four Class A" qualification certificate for road survey & design issued by MOC. In 1997, CREEC was granted the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and the International Standard Quality System Certification issued by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). In 2003, after realizing ISO9001:2000 standard transformation, CREEC was granted the Quality Management System Certification issued by China Classification Society Quality Assurance Ltd .

    CREEC holds more than 40 national “Class A” certificates and business licenses involving survey, design, consulting, EPC contracting, supervision and EIA. CREEC has over 41 disciplines including route, track, geology, subgrade, bridge, hydrology, tunnel & underground engineering, station & yard, communication, signaling, informatization, locomotive & rolling stock, machinery, structure, architecture, water supply and drainage, HVAC, environment protection, electric power, electrification, survey & mapping, engineering cost, etc.. Based on professional advantages of railway design, CREEC has expanded its businesses to a variety of engineering construction fields including road, metro, urban light rail, municipal utilities, real estate, ferry terminal, EPC contracting, engineering supervision and geotechnical engineering construction.