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    Talents Fostering and Further Education & Training

    Talents Fostering

    Over half a century’s efforts and experience, CREEC has become a knowledge & technology intensive enterprise equipped with a technology team of talents coming forwards in multitudes. Here are a large number of meritorious experts making brilliant contributions with reputation widely known; here are a large number of rising stars emerge, shouldering arduous mission; these elite talents have become the backbone to promote enterprise development and to make scientific and technological level reach new heights. So far, CREEC has more than 6,400 employees, of which, there are 173 various experts in CREC and of provincial and ministerial level or above, 125 professor level senior engineers, 1001 senior engineers, over 1,600 engineers, and 535 staff with all kinds of certified qualifications.

    National Engineering Survey & Design Masters:

    Hu Huiquan Medal of China Engineering Survey Design Master

    Wang Changbang Medal of China Engineering Survey & Design Master

    Ma Tinglin Certificate of China Engineering Survey & Design Master

    Further Education & Training

    Post-Doctoral Researchers Center

    On May 2006, the Post-Doctoral Researchers Center was formally set up as approved by the National Administrative Committee of Post-Doctoral Researchers, MOP, PRC. This Center, once established, provides a high-end platform for science and technology innovation, and plays an important role of driving the “construction of a new and powerful CREEC by talents”.

    Post-Doctoral Researchers Center is set at the Technology Center of CREEC, headed by the General Manager of CREEC, with the CREEC Chief Engineer assuming the deputy head, deputy chiefs of subordinate institutes & departments, directors and deputy directors of relevant functional departments assuming the members, the Technology Center Manager assuming the Manager, forming a leadership body jointly to review and supervise the work carried out at the Center to ensure the successful proceeding of normal work. With the purpose of keeping the work orderly, an Administration and Assessment Method was formulated to clarify and identify the wages and benefits of post doctors. We welcome doctors of all disciplines with aspiration to join us.

    Excellent International Education & Training Center of CREEC

    With the purpose to cooperate with the implementation of “Overseas Strategy” of CREEC and the urgent needs of talents specializing in construction, operation and management as required by the development of domestic transportation, the Excellent International Education & Training Center was established based on the powerful technology and abundant talents of CREEC. Main business of this Center is to: the first, provide trainings on technical issues and occupational skills applied for overseas projects in the field of transportation; the second, provide trainings on technical issues and occupational skills applied in construction management, design construction, operation & maintenance in the fields of domestic railway, metro, municipal construction, environmental protection, etc. the third, as guided by the market need, organize a professional training group, develop a series of specialized training courses, execute dedicated training management, carry out multi-level education and training combining theory and practice, foster all kinds of construction management talents systematically. We will sincerely provide you with excellent and caring service to meet all your needs.