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TQC Result

SN Project Name Award Level Award Year Award Department
1 QC Group of Technology Department of Kunming Branch Of CREEC Excellent 2001 National Level
2 QC Group of Division II of Project Survey for Qingdao-Jinan Railway Excellent 2003 National Level
3 QC Group of Chongqing ES Ring Cable Line and Transmission System Project Excellent 2005 National Level
4 QC Group for the Preliminary Design of Traction Substation of Xiangyang-Chongqing Railway Excellent 2005 National Level
5 QC Group for the Water Supply and Drainage Construction Supporting of Daping Station on Chongqing Light Rail Transit (Jiaoxin Line) Excellent 2005 National Level
6 QC Group for the Transportation Organization of Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Inter-City Railway Excellent 2006 National Level
7 QC Group for the Scheme Selection of Transportation Organization of Dali-Ruili Railway Excellent 2006 National Level
8 QC Group for the Resource Protection of Shenzhen Nanguang Highway Excellent 2007 National Level
9 QC Group of Sulphur Transportation for Puguang Gas Field Excellent 2008 National Level
10 QC Group of Design Interface Cooperation of Electrification Construction or Hainan East Ring Line Excellent 2008 National Level
11 QC Group for EIA for Chengdu-Dujiangyan Railway Excellent 2009 National Level
12 QC Group of Risk Management for Chongqing-Lichuan Railway Excellent 2009 National Level
13 QC Group of Tunnel Design for Rail Transit Excellent 2010 National Level
14 QC Group of Panshi Track Excellent 2010 National Level
15 QC Group of Xinjin Logistics Park Excellent 2010 National Level
16 QC Group of Panshi Track Excellent 2011 National Level